"Our experience with Innovative College Funding Solutions has helped our family at multiple levels of the college planning process.  ICFS has helped us make the best college choice for our daughter.  Our assets have been retained for our retirement.  More grant and scholarship monies were received from her college.  This biggest benefit is that they counseled us through the FAFSA process, helping us receive the lowest EFC for the past three years.  We feel more confident starting the process again with our Junior and know that we can get factual answers to new questions."  - KEVIN & MARY LOU T.



". . . financial aid eligibility, we could basically be penalized for the college savings.  ICFS worked with our daughter to help her with her college serach, and was able to wade through and re-allocate our financials, and substantially improve financial aid eligibility in a fair, legal, and equitable manner.  We are confident that our pre-planned education assests will now not be depleted prematurely.  We are so glad for ICFS' help, and for the excellent follow up when additional information and yearly FAFSA is required."  - ED & VILIGA K.

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"When we attended Innovative College Funding Boot Camp Workshop, we knew it was different than other seminars we had attended before that simply told us how to fill out the dreaded FAFSA and when to do it.  The presenter was knowledgeable and gave many "free" tips and techniques in the Workshop.  After an hour of an informative session, we chose to hire ICFS to help us through the College Funding process.  ICFS gave us tips and techniques of lowering our EFC that we would normally not have known about.  By lowering our EFC we have saved our family thousands of dollars in college funding." - TONI G.


". . . ways to pay for college while still maintaining our lifestyle.  They are always available to address any questions or concerns and have assured us we will survive having three kids in college at the same time.  Thank you three times over!!" - ARLEN & BONNIE G.


"As many parents with children getting closer to going to college, we were setting away money for their education, but as we found out, not nearly enough for the astronomical prices that we have now been exposed to.  Faced with the fact that our Family Contribution could be as high as $25k per year for 8 years for our two children, we needed to find effetive ways to do this without sending us into debt that we couldn't get out of.  We also did not want to strap our children to what could amount to be a lifetime of debt.  We attended a brief, one hour Workshop introduction to IFCS.  As the Workshop ended, I found myself saying "this sounds too goo to be true.  What's the catch?"  There was no "catch", just a detailed total plan of lowering our EFC, providing us some tax advantages and staying within the agreed upon budget that we had establisthed.  The additional "perks" of filling out financial aid forms, working with our children on narrowing down the selection of colleges and essay writing was just icing on the cake! -BOB & GINA A.

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