" Good friends recommended Innovative College Funding Solutions to my wife and me.  They conveyed a sense of relief at having experienced professionals handle the college funding process from start to finish.  It can be overwhelming.  My wife and I, too, have been very happy with the decision to utilize their services.  We found ourselves comfortable discussing our financials and very pleased with their counseling and recommendations.  We all have our expertise.  It was nice to know that when the time came to need someone else's expertise, ICFS was there to assist.  Simply put, they took the worry out of the process and saved us time and money we wouldn't have otherwise known to be possible."                                                                                                       - Jim & Katherine O.

 "We have had a very positive experience with ICFS, particularly by comparison with our previous attempt to select/fund college by ourselves.  Our son selected his college and obtained his aid through his parents' advice.  The school turned out to be an inappropriate choice and a very expensive mistake.  Our daughter, two years younger, has benefited from the advice and council of our advisors at ICFS and, as a consequence, she has several good choices and a nice package of grants and scholarship money to consider.  We would highly Recommend the ICFS group for anyone who wants to target the best options for their child's college experience."                                                                                 - Steve & Gail S.

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" We have just begun working with ICFS.  Already we have recieved help that we would not have known about.  We recieved information on how to reduce our EFC.  We also have access to the SPRING BOARD program, which is a great resource for our daughter in assessing her college and career choices, researching colleges, and writing a resume.  ICFS suggested different options for studying for the SAT and ACT.  Most of all, ICFS has reduced the amount of stress associated with the entire college process."                                                      - JIM & MICHELLE K.

"My parents recently signed up for your services after attending a Free Workshop.  They were hesitant at first, but when they realized the advice on how to decrease their EFC on the FAFSA, they were very happy.  Without the advice, they said that our EFC would have been much higher.  They wished the would have known about Innovative College Funding Solutions more than a year ago to make the changes that needed to be made a lot sooner.  I have recieved my award letter from at least one college so far and our out-of-pocket costs through the college is actually lower than what the EFC was on the FAFSA!  Thanks for saving my parents money!"                                          -Courtney G.

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"ICFS took care of all of the FAFSA forms for us and submitted them well in advance of school deadlines to insure maximum funds would be available to our daughter.  It was a great experience and well worth it!"   - Katherine & Donald C.

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"I thought I understood the college funding process based upon my experience with my first child in college.  When my second child was ready for college, I
decided there was no harm in seeking some additional professional support and
contacted ICFS.  I thought maybe they could provide some suggestions for dealing with two college students.  In reviewing my situation with the ICFS
professionals, we were able to make adjustments in my financial situation to
improve - which meant reduce - the magical Expected Family Contribution number for both children.  We got subsidized versus unsubsidized loans which will save a lot of interest over the long-term.  Additionally, we were also able to improve my overall family financial situation by paying off debt and readjusting our strategies for retirement.  Thank you."     - Bob M.