Workshops Resume Spring 2023

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Boot Camp Schedule:

All programs begin at 7:00PM

What We Provide:

We Offer Complimentary College Planning Boot Camps to Provide Families with the Education They Need to Understand How to Manage the High Cost of a College Education For ALL Of Their Children and How to Navigate the Financial Aid Maze. 

Should You Attend?

We are asked this question on a regular basis. Primarily our programs are designed for the parents of High School Students but we encourage anyone; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends...ANYONE who has or knows a student planning to further their education (regardless of age) to come out and attend one of our Boot Camps. 

Can you answer these questions yourself?

  • What is my Expected Family Contribution?
  • What are the FAFSA and CSS Profile Forms?
  • Can I afford to have my son or daughter transfer schools or change Majors?
  • What is the difference between an Early Decision and an Early Action Application? Are These Appropriate For My Family?
  • How Can I avoid the "Borrow Today, Pay Tomorrow" Trap?
  • How Can I Determine the Best School for my Student?
  • How much Financial Aid am I going to jeopardize because of my existing College Savings Plan?
  • What Can I do If I haven't been saving Enough for School? How Much Is Enough?
  • Should my Student be working now to save for school? 
  • How can I afford to send all of my kids to school AND still have a great retirement? 
  • How do I Find the Schools That Will Provide our Family with the Most Financial Aid? 
  • Where should my family borrow money for School? 
  • What Grants and Scholarships are available for my family?

What You Will Learn:

Not Only will you have an opportunity to have your questions answered by experienced professionals you will walk out our program knowing the answers to each the questions above and the following:

  • How to Pay for College in a Failing Economy WITHOUT Relying on your Existing Savings Plans, Expensive Private Loans or Utilizing your Retirement Accounts.
  • How to Pick the Colleges and Universities that Will Provide Your Family with the BEST Financial Aid Packages. 
  • How to Send Your Student(s) to an Expensive Private College or University for LESS Than the cost of a State School. 
  • Which Assets are Taken into Consideration When the United States Department of Education Calculates Your Expected Family Contribution (E.F.C) 
  • How to Get Ahead Now by Developing a Customized Plan to Meet ALL of the Growing Costs of Higher Education that your family will face. 
  • How to LOWER Your "Out-of-Pocket" Expenses and to Qualify for the MAXIMUM Amount of Financial Aid From Each School. 
  • How to Increase your College-Related Tax Deductions and Tax Credits.